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Women's boxing

The number of professional women boxers in the UK is small, making it a challenge to produce good matches.

However the bout between Areti Mastrodouka and Kristine Shergold, on Miranda Carter's 'Seize The Day' bill at York Hall, showed that women can fight with a skill and class that rates comparison with the men. Areti has now gone on to win her first belt, the International Masters Super Featherweight title (at York Hall, 18th November 2012).

Areti wins first title  Areti wins first title

Left Jab will continue to look for further opportunities to promote women's fights.

Featured fight on the leftjabboxing channel: Areti Mastrodouka v Kristine Shergold YouTube

Read more about Areti Mastrodouka Areti website logo


Juliette Winter

Above: Juliette Winter. The fight between Shanee Martin and Juliette Winter (York Hall, December 2007) was included by Boxing News in their top five fights of the year.


Laura Saperstein

Laura Saperstein